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We are dedicated to providing transparency during the screening process between hirers and hirees. Designed primarily to equip hirers with an additional tool for conducting background checks on prospective hirees, the site also facilitates communication between both parties by affording them the opportunity to interact.

  • Fast and reliable
  • Huge database of hirees and hirers
  • Strong data protection.

Hirers May

  • Post vacancies online
  • Access the database of applicants
  • Access the credibility history of applicants
  • Submit information on current hirees
  • Terminate a hiree and post information online

Hirees May

  • Post the vacancy of interest
  • Search for vacancies

Questions & Answers

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Once you provide us with such information, it becomes a part of our permanent record on that individual and may be provided to a future hirer.

We are not interested in the reasons you had for terminating an employee; all we do is record that the employee was employed by you, it is the responsibility of the prospective employer to contact you.

No. Supplying such information is in keeping with that which was provided by either the applicant or a present or former hirer.

No. Providing the information supplied is of a non-personal nature, as such it is then permissible to provide such data. (See Hiree Data Sheet)

No. We do not take an interest in what a hiree did, or why he or she is no longer hired by you; we only record the fact that such a person was in your employment. Future hirers may contact you for reference on such a hiree.

All information on our website is either provided by the hirer or hiree, who must register with us before posting any information. (Please see Disclaimer)

No. We store data on job seekers as well as on present and former employees. Only by contacting a current or former employer will you be provided with information on an applicant.

Even though our database is constantly being updated, we cannot guarantee that you will find information on a particular applicant; however, you can assist the process by entering information into the database.

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